Steelers worst-case Mock Draft: Pittsburgh makes desperation moves early

If the upcoming draft goes anything like this mock, then the Steelers will be in some serious trouble.

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Wide receiver. . player. . . Brenden Rice. 4. Brenden Rice. Brenden Rice. 519

Steelers mock draft round 4: Brenden Rice, WR, USC

We reach the pick that Mike Tomlin would be heavily involved in. He loves prospects that come from NFL bloodlines, and no one is better than that in this draft other than Brenden Rice. He is coming out of USC, but many have begun to find out that his father is none other than Jerry Rice, the Hall of Fame receiver. Tomlin would surely love to add someone with that name.

Although Rice has a famous dad, he has been able to create plays throughout his college career. Having Caleb Williams as your quarterback doesn't hurt. A concern with Rice might be his lack of receiving yards as a Trojan. He never eclipsed anywhere close to 1,000 receiving yards in one campaign. Normally, NFL teams prefer to see that. but that is why he is selected in round four.

Rice did explode onto the scene after he scored 12 touchdowns through the air this past season. He is a Senior coming out of college and has the ideal size for an outside receiver at the next level. He will need to have a quality combine and finish his pre-draft process strong if he wants to get into earlier round conversations.

The Steelers might need a receiver as Diontae Johnson's contract is coming to a close soon and the need for at slot receiver is desperate. Adding someone like Rice would be the vision of having a future starter there on the outside opposite of George Pickens. Having the luxury to do that is not something Pittsburgh currently has in its arsenal.