Steelers worst-case Mock Draft: Pittsburgh makes desperation moves early

If the upcoming draft goes anything like this mock, then the Steelers will be in some serious trouble.

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Dylan Laube. 2299. . Dylan Laube. player. . . Dylan Laube. 4. Running back

Steelers mock draft round 4: Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire

Fans might stage a riot if the Steelers take a running back at all in the upcoming draft, let alone in the fourth round. There is some thought behind this pick, but many would agree that this might be too rich. Perhaps towards the end of the draft would be the way to go. The position has proven plenty of times that you can find a quality back towards the end of the draft or even undrafted free agency.

Again, running back is not a major need this offseason, but it could become a focus soon. The Steelers have to decide on Najee Harris's fifth-year option. Many predict that they will choose to pick that up. It buys the team another year at a cheaper rate for a starting running back. Hopefully, under a new offensive coordinator, Harris and Jaylen Warren will excel.

Dylan Laube is the surprise pick here out of New Hampshire. Not many NFL products that come out of the school, but Laube is someone getting a lot of rave reviews recently. With no tackle or cornerbacks available worth reaching for, the black and gold go the best player available. They take Laube, and he will be a versatile player at the next level.

He is not a ground-and-pound type of back, but he will be able to put on the show with the rock in his hands either via handoff or pass. It was a great week for him down at the Senior Bowl and Pittsburgh was well represented there. Taking a running back in the fourth round would be a bold choice, but it also provides a plan if they let Harris go after his fifth-year option runs out.