Steelers worst-case Mock Draft: Pittsburgh makes desperation moves early

If the upcoming draft goes anything like this mock, then the Steelers will be in some serious trouble.

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Steelers mock draft round 7: Jarvis Brownlee, CB, Louisville

Rounding out this tough mock draft on a high note for the Steelers. They get a steal in round seven with Jarvis Brownlee out of Louisville. He is someone who had a strong week of practices down at the Senior Bowl. Tomlin was very active that week and took some notes during his time there. It would be surprising if Brownlee lasted this long.

One of the biggest knocks on this cornerback is the fact that he will be moved into the slot role at the next level. The Steelers wouldn't mind that at all as they have struggled to find long-term solutions at that position since Mike Hilton left for Cincinnati. Getting someone like Brownlee here improve this disappointing draft class for Pittsburgh.

A tough go of things for the black and gold as a whole for this mock draft. They do cap it off nicely as Brownlee slipped in the simulator for one reason or another. No offensive tackle would be rough. That means Dan Moore Jr. remains the starting left tackle for another year and Broderick Jones will remain on the right side of the line.

No safety being taken would be somewhat surprising, especially if the Steelers don't make changes in free agency. Perhaps the biggest stab in the gut would be neglecting the center position early in the draft. It is one of the most important spots on offense and the Steelers handed Cole his spot back. It was a tough go of things here for the Steelers and hopefully, the actual draft doesn't turn out this way.

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