Steelers 2024 Mock Offseason: Pittsburgh goes outside the box and guns for big names

The Steelers went out on a limb and added big names in this mock offseason

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Frank Gore Jr.. player. 2278. Frank Gore Jr.. Running back. . . . Frank Gore Jr.. 6

Steelers mock draft round 6: Frank Gore Jr., RB, Southern Mississippi

Would it be the NFL Draft if the Steelers didn't try to either draft a relative of an NFL player? We know that Tomlin loves football families, and he seeks them out to join his team. More times than not, that mindset has provided the club with some quality players in the past. They stick with that thought process here.

Frank Gore Jr. becomes the pick as the Steelers are trying to figure out the best way to attack their final picks. They decide to go best player available on their board here, and the allure that Gore provides is there. His name alone would catch anyone's attention, especially since he plays the same position that his father did in the NFL.

He comes from a small college program in Southern Mississippi. He was still able to produce some big numbers during his time there. No one will doubt his production at that level, but many will wonder if he could translate that to the professional ranks. Gore would be a good option at this point in the draft and could compete for the last spot at running back.

Smith's offense commands for a quality run attack, and right now there are few options behind Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren. Adding someone like Gore would give a boost to their depth. He has started to show more of an all-around game in the past couple of years, but he is best getting the rock in his hands. His size is another concern, but his production is something you cannot look past.