Steelers 2024 Mock Offseason: Pittsburgh goes outside the box and guns for big names

The Steelers went out on a limb and added big names in this mock offseason

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Steelers mock draft round 1: Jackson Powers-Johnson, C, Oregon

Center remains one of the last major needs to be addressed heading into night one of the NFL Draft. The Steelers have shown a ton of interest at center during the pre-draft process, and it seems more likely than not that the Steelers will use one of their top picks in the position. It seems like either Jackson Powers-Johnson, Zach Frazier, or Sedrick Van Pran-Granger will be one of the top picks by Pittsburgh.

With Mason Cole officially out of the building, there is a giant hole at starting center. Free agency is an option, but the Steelers will want to fill that spot with a young guy who doesn't cost a big pile of money for the foreseeable future. They lock down their starting center in round one by taking Powers-Johnson. He gets to pick 20, and it is too obvious for the team to pass up.

Some trade-back options did come to light, but the black and gold didn't see anything too crazy that interested them. They fill a void in their starting lineup and get a guy who can start day one and should be able to fit into Arthur Smith's offense with ease. He is the best center in the draft class, and he will probably be the pick if he is available.

Waiting till the second round for Frazier is too worrisome for the Steelers and Van Pran-Granger probably won't be there in the third round. It is not worth the gamble in the minds of Pittsburgh, and they decide on Powers-Johnson. He brings experience and the ability to block out in space in the run game. Would be a great start to the draft with this choice.