Steelers 2024 schedule: Predicting every game

Predicting the outcome of every game (and final record) of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2024.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

With the 2024 NFL schedule being released, it's a tradition among NFL fans to predict the wins and losses for their favorite teams. Even though many things can happen throughout the season, especially with injuries, let's dive into the Pittsburgh Steelers' 2024 schedule.

Heading into the season, the Steelers have the hardest schedule in the league based on the 2023 team records. With a team full of new faces and a franchise desperate to get back into the postseason to win their first playoff game in six years, let's go through the schedule and predict if the Steelers will be dancing in January once again.

Predicting the outcome of every game on Steelers 2024 schedule:

Week 1: Steelers @ Falcons

Prediction: Win
Record: 1-0

The Steelers travel to Atlanta to kick off the season against the Falcons. Pittsburgh will face a team led by new starting quarterback Kirk Cousins, who is returning from a torn Achilles. This matchup is particularly significant for Steelers Offensive Coordinator Arthur Smith, as he faces the team that fired him as head coach last season. Mike Tomlin, boasting a 10-5-1 record in season openers, knows the importance of a strong start. While Atlanta features some quality offensive playmakers and is expected to keep the game close, I predict the Steelers will ultimately secure the win.

Week 2: Steelers @ Broncos

Prediction: Win
Record 2-0

In consecutive weeks, the Steelers face another revenge game, this time with Russell Wilson going up against his former team, the Denver Broncos. Denver is a tough place to play, especially with Head Coach Sean Payton, who knows Wilson's strengths and weaknesses. I expect Denver to have a solid game plan to challenge Wilson, making things tough for the Steelers' offense. However, Denver is likely starting rookie quarterback Bo Nix in just his second career start against a veteran Steelers defense. This will probably be too much for Nix to handle, and I think the Steelers will come away with another win.

Week 3: Steelers vs. Chargers

Prediction: Win
Record: 3-0

The Steelers face a challenging home opener against Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite the Chargers' overall roster weaknesses, Herbert's talent makes them a tough opponent. The Steelers, with their depth and skill on both sides of the ball, should have the upper hand. However, under the guidance of Jim Harbaugh, the Chargers are bound to be competitive every week. While this game might be closer than expected, it's crucial for the Steelers to secure a win at home against a team still in the rebuilding phase.

Week 4: Steelers @ Colts

Prediction: Win
Record: 4-0

The Colts crushed the Steelers last year, but things are looking different this season. Indy's starting QB is back after missing most of last year, which could make things tougher for Pittsburgh. The Steelers usually do well against the Colts, especially in Indy. This time around, hopefully, the Steelers learned from that blowout and can pull off a 4th straight win.

Week 5: Steelers vs. Cowboys

Prediction: Loss

Acrisure Stadium will be buzzing for this Sunday Night matchup of the two most storied franchises in the NFL. The Cowboys are still considered one of the NFC's best teams and boast one of the best offenses in the league. as well as a top 5 defense from last year. Even though this offseason was a quiet one for Dallas, they still have enough to be a top dog in the NFC once again. This will be the first of many tough tests for the Steelers this season and one that they won't be quite ready for.

Week 6: Steelers @ Raiders

Prediction: Win
Record: 5-1

Pittsburgh is heading back to Las Vegas for the second year in a row to face the Raiders. It's hard to say what kind of team the Raiders will be in 2024. However, under Head Coach Antonio Pierce, you can expect them to play a physical style of football. They won't shy away from the challenge and will bring the fight to Pittsburgh. While I don't think they have enough to secure a win, it's likely to be a close game, as it usually is when facing the Raiders.

Week 7: Steelers vs. Jets

Prediction: Loss
Record: 5-2

The Steelers are gearing up for another primetime showdown at home, this time against the New York Jets. It's set to be another tough challenge for Pittsburgh, especially if Aaron Rodgers is back in the lineup. The Jets boast a solid defense and an offense loaded with talent. Historically, Rodgers has found success dismantling the Steelers' secondary, and unfortunately, I foresee a similar scenario playing out once again. This matchup doesn't bode well for Pittsburgh, and it could result in their second loss of the season.

Week 8: Steelers vs. Giants

Prediction: Win
Record: 6-2

Pittsburgh is set to host another New York football team for the second week in a row, this time on Monday Night Football. It's a pivotal game that the Steelers can't afford to overlook. The Giants are likely to face another tough season, presenting Pittsburgh with a prime opportunity to secure a win. Taking advantage of matchups like this is crucial for the Steelers, and I anticipate they'll come out on top, heading into the bye week with a solid 6-2 record.

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Steelers @ Commanders

Prediction: Win
Record: 7-2

The Steelers journey to Washington D.C. to take on the Commanders following their bye week. Washington is in a rebuilding phase, with rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels at the helm. Pittsburgh understands the importance of kicking off the second half of the season on a positive note. With this matchup presenting a favorable opportunity, I predict a victory for the Steelers.

Week 11: Steelers vs. Ravens

Prediction: Win
Record: 8-2

The AFC North rivalry heats up late this year as the Steelers host the Baltimore Ravens for their first divisional matchup. Despite significant losses in the offseason, the Ravens remain tough opponents. These clashes between the two teams consistently deliver nail-biting excitement. While recent history has favored the Steelers, predicting the outcome of this game is always challenging. However, playing at home gives Pittsburgh an edge, and I'm inclined to favor them once again in this closely contested battle.

Week 12: Steelers @ Browns

Prediction: Loss
Record: 8-3

The Steelers have encountered a struggle in recent years on Thursday Night Football matchups against the Browns in Cleveland, and this trend seems poised to continue. Despite Deshaun Watson's most likely challenges against the Steelers defense, the combination of a short week and the probable fatigue of the Steelers after facing the Ravens suggests they may fall short once again in Cleveland.

Week 13: Steelers @ Bengals

Prediction: Loss
Record: 8-4

Once again hitting the road to face another AFC rival, the Steelers will contend with a healthy Joe Burrow aiming to make an impact on their home turf. As injuries often begin to accumulate around this time of year, it's doubtful the Steelers can keep pace with the Bengals' dynamic offense. Should they stumble, it could mark their first back-to-back losses of the season.

Week 14: Steelers vs. Browns

Prediction: Win
Record: 9-4

The NFL really didn't give the Steelers any breaks with four straight divisional games lined up. It's a rare situation to be in, for sure. But now, as they square off against the Browns at home, the Steelers are eager to turn the tide and put an end to their losing streak. They're looking to muster up just enough on offense to clinch the victory this time around.

Week 15: Steelers @ Eagles

Prediction: Loss
Record: 9-5

The Steelers are set to travel to Philadelphia for a showdown against the Eagles. Historically, Pittsburgh has struggled to secure victories in Philadelphia, and facing a strong Eagles squad, possibly the cream of the NFC crop, only adds to the challenge. The combination of a hostile environment and a talented opponent presents a daunting task for the Steelers. With the Eagles boasting a well-rounded roster, it's unlikely the Steelers will be able to swoop in and snatch a victory away.

Week 16: Steelers @ Ravens

Prediction: Loss
Record: 9-6

Surely, the Steelers' streak of luck against the Ravens has to run out eventually, doesn't it? Playing in Baltimore poses yet another daunting challenge, and I believe the Steelers' dominant run over the Ravens in recent years will come to a halt. The Ravens are still a very good football team, and beating a team of that caliber twice in a year is a tough ask.

Week 17: Steelers vs. Chiefs

Prediction: Loss
Record: 9-7

Securing a win here would be the ultimate Christmas gift for Steelers fans, especially against the defending back-to-back champs. However, let's be realistic; it's highly unlikely to happen. The Chiefs, led by Mahomes, have consistently dominated Pittsburgh, and it's expected to be more of the same. The Steelers have never figured out how to contain Mahomes and their secondary lacks the prowess and speed to keep pace with the track meet the Chiefs' offensive weapons will undoubtedly unleash.

Week 18: Steelers vs. Bengals

Prediction: Win
Record: 10-7

This game could be a win-or-go-home scenario for both teams or, as recent history suggests for the Steelers, it could simply be a must-win situation. Playing at home with the season hanging in the balance, I believe the Steelers will do enough to secure the victory. Perhaps the Bengals will have already clinched a playoff spot and opt to rest their starters, but either way, the Steelers will find a way to come out on top.

Steelers 2024 final record prediction: 10-7

This schedule is seriously tough, especially starting from Week 11 onwards. The Steelers seem stronger on paper compared to last year and have the talent to make a postseason push. But with this schedule, it's hard to see them going far. Still, I trust Mike Tomlin to work his voodoo magic once again and sneak them into the playoffs, maybe even as the 7th seed. It's crucial for the Steelers to kick off the season strong because if they start slow, their playoff chances could vanish rather quickly.