Steelers almost guaranteed to address these 5 needs in the 2023 NFL draft

Siaki Ika, Steelers
Siaki Ika, Steelers / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Everyone is still trying to pinpoint where the Steelers will select during the upcoming draft, let alone who they will pick. There has been a flurry of trade rumors surrounding both their first-round pick and the 32nd overall selection in the coming draft. It should lead to some great theatre as the club seems open to many different trade possibilities throughout the crazy weekend-long festivities.

No matter what draft experts or mock drafts you look at, there are some common themes heading into this year's event. The Steelers have some specific areas of focus heading into the draft that will likely be most of the selections in the coming days. Some might be surprising, but most of them have been beaten into our brains since the season ended and the roster started to get evaluated.

Quarterback is a quiet need that the Steelers will target in the draft

One position that has not gotten a lot of attention heading into the draft by most media is depth at quarterback. We all know that Kenny Pickett will be the starter and Mitch Trubisky will be the primary backup for this upcoming campaign. Beyond those two is a lack of competition and bodies to fight for the last roster spot.

Adding someone in free agency could make some sense, but investing in a prospect late in the draft is the safest way to go. You add someone that is cheap and can sit behind the two in front of him to learn for his entire rookie season. That should take a lot of pressure off him and allow him to settle into the backup role in 2024. Brock Purdy was picked with the last selection in last year’s draft, so you can find talent later.