Steelers Biggest Turkeys: 4 players I'm not thankful for in 2023

  • Chandon Sullivan doesn't deserve to sit at the table
  • Chukwuma Okorafor doesn't get the job done at all
  • Levi Wallace continues to make fans suffer
  • Kenny Pickett has the worst long-term outlook for this team
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As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take some time to express my gratefulness for the Steelers. A fan of them since I was little, and this team has provided me with countless memories. I hope to share this fandom with my own kids in the future.

That said, there are quite a few things that I am not thankful for on this Steelers roster as it sits. While this team has found a way to win, which is the most important part of a successful team, they are still a poor-performing unit that is hard to get excited about.

I have compiled my four biggest turkeys on the current Steelers roster. These are my own opinions, naturally, and I have them listed as so due to how they have performed for the team as well as what their long-term impact may end up being for this team. Here are the four Steelers I am not thankful for this holiday season.

Some Steelers biggest turkey honorable mentions

I specifically wanted to focus on players on the team for this post, but there are certainly some names that also deserve to be criticized. Matt Canada, despite a small turnaround, has still called a lot of poor games and has been a bad fit as a modern offensive coordinator. That was rectified when the Steelers cut him loose this week.

While no longer on this roster, I have to shout out Gunner Olszewski. I’m not sure there has been a worse tenure with this team. He was ineffective when he touched the ball, and this season in particular he proved to be a turnover machine. I wish him all of the best, but it was hard to watch him on this roster.

Finally, while I don’t believe he is a horrible coach, I have become less thankful for Mike Tomlin over the years. The standard for success of this team has dipped, and if that doesn’t change there needs to be consequences. Beyond those quick honorable mentions though, here is the rest of my list of the biggest turkeys on the Steelers roster.