Steelers Biggest Turkeys: 4 players I'm not thankful for in 2023

  • Chandon Sullivan doesn't deserve to sit at the table
  • Chukwuma Okorafor doesn't get the job done at all
  • Levi Wallace continues to make fans suffer
  • Kenny Pickett has the worst long-term outlook for this team
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Steelers Biggest Turkey #4: Chandon Sullivan

The Steelers signed Chandon Sullivan shortly after the draft as they had no one definite to play in the slot. Sullivan was a safe, albeit middling, option. He had experience and some strong play a few seasons ago, but he was nothing more than a below-average option for this defense.

The team has relied on him so far this season, as he has been the primary slot cornerback at times. The results haven’t been pretty, as Sullivan has consistently been picked on by opposing defenses. While a willing run defender, he isn’t an overly physical presence on this defense either, making him a liability there as well.

With his coverage and run defense below the bar, it has left many wondering just what is Sullivan’s purpose on this defense. With Patrick Peterson moving around more, we are seeing some of Sullivan’s passing snaps diminish. Elijah Riley finally got a crack on defense and did well against the Packers. Sullivan’s days as a run defender could be limited.

While certainly not a player I am thankful for, Sullivan is so low on this list given the little long-term impact he will have on this team. More than likely, he won’t be back a year from now, so the team isn’t strapped to him beyond the current season. That said, his poor performance has certainly made me unthankful for his services with the team.