Steelers confirm that Matt Canada wasn't just a scapegoat

Mike Tomlin's new contract extension is proof that the Steelers weren't just using Matt Canada as a scapegoat.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Following another mediocre season in 2023, someone from the Steelers coaching staff had to go... and it wasn't going to be Mike Tomlin. Pittsburgh's offense averaged under 19 points per game for the second straight season and it was offensive coordinator Matt Canada who got the axe.

Last year marked the seventh straight season without a playoff win with no end in sight. In their previous four playoff games dating back to the 2017 postseason, the Steelers have been blown out three times.

This drought didn't come without consequences. In addition to Canada losing his job late in the season, the Steelers went on to have an unexpected amount of roster turnover during the 2024 offseason when they initially had the highest number of snaps played from the previous season still under contract for the next year.

One thing fans can no longer say is that Canada was simply a scapegoat.

Steelers sincerly believe Mike Tomlin will turn things around

Some accused the Steelers' decision to fire Matt Canada was for Mike Tomlin to save face. Because his team was struggling, it was easy to pass the blame to an OC who was widely criticized for his poor offensive play design and execution.

However, it's clear now that Tomlin's job was never in jeopardy, and that Art Rooney II has every bit of confidence he will turn this sinking ship around. On June 10, ownership inked a three-year extension with Tomlin that will keep him around through the 2027 season.

This isn't to say that Tomlin doesn't deserve any blame for the team's lack of success. The long-time HC played a big part in the draft process when Kevin Colbert was the general manager, and the roster was being run into the ground before Omar Khan and Andy Weidl arrived.

Tomlin also has his faults on the field. He has a tendency to be too conservative at the cost of leaving points on the board, and I don't have to tell you about his questionable clock management that often costs Pittsburgh opportunities later in the game.

Regardless of our thoughts on the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, we can no longer say that Matt Canada was just a scapegoat. Ownership clearly loves Mike Tomlin, and the long-time HC will be out to prove that he still has what it takes to put this team back on top of the league.