Steelers could pick a top quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft to replace Kenny Pickett

  • There are plenty of reasons to move on from Kenny Pickett
  • Carson Beck could be an interesting name if he enters the draft
  • Jayden Daniels might be the best of the bunch

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J.J. McCarthy is another big name that could leave college for the NFL

Another name here that is in a similar situation as Beck right now is J.J. McCarthy of Michigan. He has helped lead the Wolverines to great seasons since becoming the starter at quarterback. The issue for McCarthy and his development is the type of offense that he plays in. Michigan has a lot of talent at running back, and they rely on that.

That aspect then opens up McCarthy and the passing offense to make some shots. That type of offensive attack does hinder the quarterback some and the type of stats that he displays every week. One would have to imagine that someone like McCarthy would notice the treasure of talented quarterbacks ahead of him in the upcoming draft.

It would likely cause him to return to Michigan where he could hopefully have a monster number season and boost his draft stock. If both he and Beck return to school and have great seasons in 2024, then that crop of quarterbacks could be just as good as this year's. But if McCarthy can't stop the NFL calls from coming, he could be an interesting option.

The Steelers do have Kenny Pickett in place for now as their starter, so maybe a young quarterback that could learn and take over eventually could be the way to go. McCarthy has a lot of play-extending ability and a rifle for an arm. It would probably take him a little time to learn the offense and the speed of the NFL. He could be an interesting draft option if he enters the event.