Steelers could pick a top quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft to replace Kenny Pickett

  • There are plenty of reasons to move on from Kenny Pickett
  • Carson Beck could be an interesting name if he enters the draft
  • Jayden Daniels might be the best of the bunch

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Bo Nix could remind many scouts of Kenny Pickett coming out of college

There might not be a closer prospect coming out of college this year than Kenny Pickett. There are a lot of similarities, but Nix has been able to produce more consistently in college. He started off his career at Auburn where he'd start as a true freshman. He was ranked as one of the highest recruits coming out of high school in his recruiting class.

After his first season at Auburn which proved to be starting a promising career, the next two seasons didn't go as planned. He transferred to Oregon and that is where he played the past two years. That move has worked out perfectly and it will get Nix into the first round conversation come draft time. The comparisons between him and Pickett during their final collegiate years are eerily similar.

Both will have been 24 years old by the time they get drafted, which is on the older side for a quarterback coming into the NFL. Both have similar numbers coming out of college during their final seasons. Fans might be apprehensive about potentially taking another Pickett-type, but Nix has been a great player at Oregon and should be in consideration.

The improvement that Nix has shown since his transfer over to Oregon has been tremendous. He has a better pocket presence than ever and has been able to thrive. Another question mark might be if Nix is a product of only being able to run a specific type of offense that he did in college. The NFL is a different animal and the Steelers would need to decide if he could handle that or not.