Steelers could take a look at these Maulers stars after their first playoff win

USFL North Division Championship
USFL North Division Championship / Jason Miller/USFL/GettyImages
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A safety from the Michigan Panthers could catch the eye of the NFL world

There were a couple of players on the Michigan Panthers this past season that stood out among their competition. One of those players was Kai Nacua, who played safety for that defense. They had one of the best defensive units in the USFL and a big part of that effort was Nacua. His stats for the year were not mind boggling like some of his teammates but he made an impact.

He was able to help solidify a backfield and create issues for the Maulers throughout their divisional round playoff contest. He was able to play all over the field and surround chaos to Pittsburgh's offense throughout the game. Nacua is someone that could make a lot of sense for a club that needs a safety to come onto their roster and battle.

One spot that could use some more stability and depth at the position is safety. Keanu Neal is the starter at strong safety and there are some depth pieces in place, but that group could look for upgrades. Nacua has spent some time in the NFL, but that was not a great experience for him. Maybe a second chance could turn things around.

He could get a jump in the competition in training camp too, especially since he is in football shape. Nacua and all of the USFL players are coming off a ten weeklong workout to try and prove themselves to other clubs around the world. Nacua could be an interesting choice to come in and compete for a roster spot this training camp.