Steelers could take a look at these Maulers stars after their first playoff win

USFL North Division Championship
USFL North Division Championship / Jason Miller/USFL/GettyImages
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Perhaps the most dominant defensive player in the USFL could upgrade a position of need

One thing that stood out in the battle between the Maulers and Panthers on Saturday was the showings of their top defensive players. Both clubs have guys that could win the defensive players of the year for the USFL, and both deserve it. First up is Frank Ginda, who has played lights out all season, and his best performance might have come in the playoff loss.

Sometimes when you watch a football game there are guys that just take over and they're impossible to ignore. Ginda routinely popped off screen and was the best player on that field all night. He is a guy that looks to have NFL talent and bypassed players that were not on his level. This linebacker commanded that defense and excelled in all phases of defense.

One must be cautious about labeling a USFL starter a potential player on an NFL defense, but it might be fair here. Ginda was impressive throughout the season and gave it his all when all the chips were on the table. He gave the Maulers offense fits throughout the game, even though he was on the losing end of things.

When it comes to the Steelers, they need to find answers at middle linebacker quickly. They should not rule out the idea of acquiring some talent through a different league. Ginda is a player that is playing lights out and could help this club immediately. You cannot assume that he could start, but he could challenge for a spot on the final 53-man roster at least.