Steelers could take a look at these Maulers stars after their first playoff win

USFL North Division Championship
USFL North Division Championship / Jason Miller/USFL/GettyImages
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One Pittsburgh linebacker could make a lot of sense to try out for the Steelers

As mentioned before, there were two linebackers that put on a show during this playoff matchup, not just Ginda. The other linebacker wore the black and gold colors this entire season and make significant plays. Kyahva Tezino is someone that is also going to be up for defensive player of the year for the USFL.

Tezino nearly got to 100 total tackles in ten games, but he got to 94 during the regular season. Ginda was the only player to exceed 100 tackles. Even though Ginda had more tackles, Tezino was able to produce three times the tackles for loss than Ginda had. Both players had amazing years and should be noticed by the NFL.

Most thought that Tezino's teammates on the Maulers would be the player that caught most of the eyes of NFL scouts. That did not cause those in attendance to miss the talent that Tezino showed on the football field this season. He played out of his mind and carried that in the playoff game as well. He did not produce as much flash as Ginda, but he made plays.

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When it comes to Pittsburgh's NFL counterpart, there could be some interest here. Tezino did not make as many splash plays like sacks, fumbles, or interceptions as Ginda, but he stayed consistent. He was able to be a rock for that defense and shut down the middle of the field. He could be another option for NFL clubs that need depth and competition at middle linebacker.