Steelers could target these 2024 free agents who had fifth-year options declined

Isaiah Simmons, Steelers
Isaiah Simmons, Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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A potential splash name could make sense for the Steelers

Seemingly every year there is a big-name defensive lineman that gains traction in the rumor mill in connection with the Steelers. Most recently it has been J.J. Watt and there is an obvious connection there. Those rumors have died off for a while now but started back up when Mike Tomlin openly invited Watt to the facility for a tour. He is currently retired, and it seems like he will remain that way.

Again, it seems like there is always a big name that plenty of fans of the black and gold try to speak into existence. Next offseason will see Chase Young become a free agent, unless the Washington Commanders decide to re-sign him. Everyone has seen the great ability that Young possesses, but there has been a lengthy injury concern lurking around his name.

2023 is going to be a big season for Young and the Commanders. New ownership is finally in the fold in the capital city of the United States. The new owners would like to see some success and failure for that will mean steep changes on the horizon. Young has great ability and would be a tremendous addition to the Steelers, but he will have to remain healthy to prove the gamble of a new contract.