Steelers defense dominates Rams passing attack in Madden simulation

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Wrapping Up a Strong Simulation

Overall, the sim Steelers looked pretty good in this one. It was a slow start, and the running game left a lot to be desired, especially when trying to bleed the clock late. Najee Harris only had 21 yards on 10 carries, his worst performance in a simulation yet. He'd had at least 80 yards from scrimmage in every game to this point.

Pickett to Pickens was the star of the show offensively, even if Robinson caught the lone touchdown pass. The duo combined for 52 yards on three receptions.

Defensively, the Steelers had three sacks but didn't create a ton of pressure otherwise. I didn't bench Levi Wallace for Joey Porter Jr., so the original defensive backfield did a fantastic job of holding off the Rams passing offense.

Stafford completed just 48% of his passes for 124 yards, 51 of which went to Kupp and only eight to Nacua. Without Kyren Williams, who is just a 74 overall in Madden anyway, the Rams offense never got going.

To be completely fair, this is quite unrealistic. Even if Wiliams doesn't play, the Steelers have struggled mightily to stop the run so far this season. Doubly so, the Steelers haven't had much success stopping elite receivers either. While the sim Steelers play much shorter quarters, there's little doubt that the Steelers' defense could really hold Kupp and Nacua to such little production.

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Nonetheless, that's the Madden simulation, which has only seen the Steelers lose once this year, and it was wrong. The Steelers have a chance to prove the simulation right once again this Sunday in Los Angeles.