Steelers Draft Grades: Omar Khan scores big in his first NFL Draft as GM

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Steelers Draft Grades Round 7:

Round 7 – Offensive Lineman – Spencer Anderson – 6’-5”, 305 Lbs.

When you look at Anderson’s bio it’s easy to see why the Steelers chose him over more highly touted Day Three linemen. He has experience at every position on the O-Line including center.

According to Pro Football Focus Anderson only gave up 2 sacks and 12 hurries in 498 pass blocking reps in 2022. They gave him an overall grade of 61.5 with 54.5 run blocking and a very good 78.3 pass blocking. A reminder, PFF’s grades are subjective. Looking at his game film, he looked very capable at both run and pass blocking. He has good size, athleticism, and play strength.

Anderson’s versatility will help his chances of making the final 53. If he doesn’t make the roster he should be able to be safely stashed on the practice squad. He’s a player I wouldn’t be afraid to put in a game. Versatile swing linemen can save a season and the Steelers got a good one in Anderson.

Grade: B

Overall Grade and Final Thoughts

I have to tell you, I’m totally blown away by Omar Khan so far. He’s much more aggressive than Kevin Colbert ever was. One of my pet peeves about Colbert was he didn’t value veterans who on the waning years of their careers but still has something left in the tank. That’s been a fault of the Steelers for decades. I’m talking about both outside free agents and players already on their roster. You could fill one of those ‘all-time best’ rosters with the guys they’ve let go over the years. CB, Patrick Peterson, and WR, Allen Robinson are evidence of Khan’s bucking this longstanding practice.

Another thing that drove me crazy was Colbert’s double tapping signed free agent and draft player positions. Mitch Trubisky had to feel like he was sold a false bill of goods when the Steelers draft Kenny Pickett in the 1st Rd in 2022. I wouldn’t be surprised if this practice discouraged players from signing with the Steelers. Khan has avoided that pitfall and the result is a greatly improved roster.

My final Colbert peeve was after he set the roster he would stick stubbornly to it even if a starting player was clearly under-performing and there was no replacement on the roster. Both Dan Moore and Kevin Dotson should’ve been taken off the field last year. There were better linemen available they could’ve traded for on the cheap or added as free agents. We’ll have to wait to see how Khan deals with that situation.

In a well executed draft, every player should have a legitimate chance of making the roster. Khan has exceeded that goal and may have a draft where every player is at least a contributor.

The other thing that struck me is by adding Broderick Jones and Darnell Washington he's giving George Pickett new teammates he's very familiar with. It's also good those teammates are used to winning at the championship level. He's creating a winning culture.

Between free agency and the Draft Khan has put together what looks like a playoff team. With the new blockers he’s assembled the running game is so improved if Kenny Pickett only has an adequate season throwing the Steelers should still be contenders. If he takes off they should be dominating.

Overall 2023 Steelers Draft Grade: A

Grade for Omar Khan as general manager, A+.

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