Steelers Draft: Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan have 3 scenarios in mind for Round 1

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Scenario #3: Steelers miss out on OT and CB and go with EDGE

This would be the fallback plan assuming Paris Johnson, Joey  Porter, Darnell Wright, and even Deonte Banks are off the board when the Steelers select. If we get to this scenario, the Steelers are looking for the best player available to address lesser team needs.

Should this scenario come to fruition, then the Steelers take Myles Murphy, the edge rusher from Clemson, or they are targeting Will McDonald, the edge rusher from Iowa State. Now perhaps there is a third possibility here who may be interchangeable with the two listed: Bryan Breese, the defensive lineman from Clemson.

Could any part of this be wrong, yes it could, but when you look at the players with which Mike Tomlin had a dinner meeting or wanted to have one, and then look at who they met with at the combine and then the pro days they attended and brought to Pittsburgh for a visit then only a few names float to the top. Not every player except Joey Porter, Deonte Banks, and Bryan Breese met every criterion. Paris Johnson and Darnell Wright are the next closest meeting two of the three.

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Thus it appears the Steelers are trying to balance the selection process with the players they like with the positions they need to address to get the player they want or that best helps the team. Thus they have constructed a pragmatic approach in order to make that selection.