Steelers early round draft targets after their adventurous country wide Pro Day tour

Joey Porter Jr., Steelers
Joey Porter Jr., Steelers / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Pittsburgh sent the house to Alabama with plenty of talent available

There are plenty of NFL talents that come out of the Alabama Crimson Tide program every year. The Steelers have refrained from the crimson pond of talent for a while until recent history changed that mindset. Plenty of interesting names could potentially get the black and gold to select them when draft time comes around.

Brian Branch is one of the big reasons why the Steelers sent plenty of personnel to the Alabama pro day. He is regarded as being one of the best safeties in his draft class, which has become a gaping need for Pittsburgh recently. Terrell Edmunds is gone, and the defense could use someone like Branch, but that might be too rich of a spot for him at pick 17.

Plenty of other interesting options could interest the Steelers in later rounds rather than just night one. Names like Eli Ricks, Jordan Battle, Henry To'oTo'o, Tyler Steen, and D.J. Dale could be some other options to consider. Do not be shocked if the black and gold use one of their picks after day one on a variety of these Alabama products. They know how to make NFL talent in that college program and Pittsburgh does not seem concerned about fishing in that pond anymore.