Steelers fans boo Matt Canada out of the stadium after horrifying start vs. Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

Guess what? The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the pace for another 6-point game in Week 5. After getting ridiculed for their performance against the Houston Texans in Week 4, Mike Tomlin's team continued their lifeless play in the first half of Week 5 against the Baltimore Ravens.

As you can imagine, this had Steelers fans all riled up. From the very first offensive possession of the game, after gaining just one first down, Acrisure Stadium erupted in 'boos' that could be heard vividly from the broadcast at home.

Fans at home weren't having any of it either, and they shared their frustration on social media.

Why are fans so angry? Perhaps it has something to do with just 3 first-half points or the fact that they punted the ball on three straight offensive possessions to begin the game.

What we've witnessed so far this season has been disgraceful, and fans can't take it anymore. In the first half against the Ravens, Pittsburgh had 88 yards. Are you kidding? This game is on a dismal 3.4 yards per play (3.3 yards per pass play), via ESPN box score stats.

How is this the standard? How do we move on when it's a struggle for this team to put up double-digit points week in and week out?

This is what fans are dying to know. One thing they can all agree upon: Matt Canada needs to go. This team was booed on every offensive possession -- including when they knelt on the ball to go into halftime trailing 10-3.

While a lack of execution can obviously play a factor (and it has), there's very little doubt at this point that the play-calling is more to blame than anything else. Canada has essentially been showing his cards, and he might as well come right out and tell Jim Harbaugh on the other sideline if they are running or passing the football.

Canada is living to get into third-and-manageable situations, and the Steelers simply cannot go on like this. Last year, Pittsburgh benched Mitch Trubisky at halftime against the New York Jets in Week 4. Fans are now wishing they would fire Matt Canada at halftime in Week 5. This isn't working. Enough is enough.