Steelers fans need to keep a close eye on these intriguing prospects at the NFL Combine this week

Steelers, Ivan Pace Jr.
Steelers, Ivan Pace Jr. / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Cornerbacks always show speed but Ringo should have a great outing

Not too many have struggled to keep their names in the spotlight of NFL evaluators worse than Kelee Ringo. Many thought he could be a top ten selection in the draft just a month or two ago, but time changes perceptions. Many still believe that RIngo is a first-round talent, but he has some concerns that have also brought that thought process down.

The Steelers desperately need a top cornerback to enter their room, especially with the current unknown future of Cam Sutton. Joey Porter Jr. is going to get a lot of attention throughout the combine, and it makes sense. He has a huge connection with Pittsburgh, but Ringo could be an interesting option in round two. His draft stock is going to have major implications based on how he performs at the combine as he relies on his athleticism.

Many believe that Ringo is going to have an amazing week down at the NFL combine this week. He has shown great athleticism during his collegiate career, but many wonder about some of his tendencies at the corner position. His reaction time and technique could hinder his draft stock. With a good showing at the combine plus a good outing at his pro day at Georgia, and his name should stay in the first-round conversation.