Steelers figure things out in latest 2023 pre-free agency offseason simulator

David Long, Steelers
David Long, Steelers / Silas Walker/GettyImages
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Steelers mostly plug holes at various depth positions during free agency

Welcome to one of the most exciting points in the offseason for those NFL fans that love the team building aspect of the game. After the re-signing phase concluded, the Steelers still had plenty of spending cash available to go out and sign some bigger names in free agency if they choose to. There are some extensions that are coming down the pike, so the organization will have to keep that in mind with future ramifications of their spending spree.

Not too flashy of a free agency period for Pittsburgh, but they do add some interesting names to the roster. They announce the signings of David Long Jr. (2 years, 6.3 million per), Chase Winovich (2 years, 2.4 million per), Jarvis Landry (1 year, 4 million per), Jarrad Davis (1 year, 1.5 million per), Matthew Wright (1year, 800,000 per), Marquette King (1year, 800,000 per).

Long turns out to be their biggest addition in free agency as he can plug and play at the starting middle linebacker spot. The other starting spot will be a competition in training camp to sort things out. Winovich and Davis are solid additions at key depth roles as they possess starting experience. Landry is a nice veteran presence with a ton of slot experience. Wright and King will come into camp and push the current starters to make the roster.