Steelers Final Mock Offseason: Pittsburgh stays busy with massive moves in 2024

The Steelers were able to get bold in this final mock offseason before free agency starts

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There are plenty of different directions that the Steelers could go this offseason. They could open up plenty of spending cash and get aggressive, or they can have a laid-back couple of months and depend on the draft to fix their problems. We know that Omar Khan stayed busy last offseason, so it seems like he might try and get creative this time around.

Pittsburgh is already on the right side of the cap situation, but there is a lot of work to do if they wish to get some spending cash. If they truly wish to upgrade this team before the start of next season, then they must go out and get aggressive again. Last season was another failure, and this team has to figure out some key positions moving forward.

Pittsburgh starts off this mock offseason by opening cap space

When you look at the Steelers and the different moves they can make in Free Agency, they have options. They can look to restructure plenty of contracts and even look to extend different players to lower their cap hits for this year. Some obvious choices stick out when you look at the cap hits certain players currently carry with them.

Cam Heyward is up first. He is the obvious choice to get an extension. It's not the type fans are used to. It seems like Heyward might have to accept a Ben Roethlisberger type of extension to stick around. If he is willing to add some void years onto his deal, then it is a win-win. He gets all of his well-earned money and the Steelers open significant cap space.

Next up on the list will be a restructure of T.J. Watt. He commands a high cap hit, and for good reason. He is the best defensive player and football. The black and gold get Watt to restructure his deal and that opens extra cash to spend in free agency. With both Heyward's extension and Watt's restructured deal, the Steelers opened another 21 million in cap space.