Steelers Final Mock Offseason: Pittsburgh stays busy with massive moves in 2024

The Steelers were able to get bold in this final mock offseason before free agency starts

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Steelers mock draft round 1: Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia

With free agency past us in this mock offseason, the Steelers turn their attention to the NFL Draft. There are not too many pressing needs coming into the draft, but there are a couple of areas they could get better at. One area of weakness that Pittsburgh would like to upgrade heading into the event is offensive tackle. They want a better option at right tackle specifically.

They decide to wait for their pick in the first round and it feels like forever until it reaches them. After selecting Broderick Jones last year, they decided to take another Georgia Bulldog this time around too. Amarius Mims is the pick in the simulation, and he will challenge for the starting job on the right side. It will be a competition between him, Hubbard, and Jones.

Don't rule out the idea of Dan Moore Jr. remaining the starter at left tackle to start the year with Jones on the right side. Mims is a talented athlete, but he lacks starting experience and has a lot of raw ability that needs coaching. Expect the Steelers to give him the Jones treatment from last year. This will be a quality starter at right tackle for years to come.

Mims is someone who will continue to crush the workout portion of the pre-draft process. He has a lot of great qualities that you like to see in a talented offensive lineman. He did not have too many starts due to injury and other factors in college. The Steelers are willing to look past that based on his limited tape and the quality athlete that they can mold.