Steelers final record prediction: Writers' predictions for the remainder of the year

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Most of the Still Curtain staff has the Steelers winning more games than losing

"The Steelers somehow find a way to enter their bye week in first place of the AFC North, but records can be deceiving. Pittsburgh is playing like a much worse team than their current divisional status would suggest. Meanwhile, their average scoring margin is -6.2 points per game. Once again, it feels like this team is destined for a final around .500." - Tommy Jaggi (9-8)

"Although the Steelers are leading the AFC North at the bye week, the reign will be short-lived. Looking objectively at the rest of the Steelers schedule, there are several tough matchups ahead, both at home and on the road. The final three games of the regular season will decide whether or not we make the playoffs. Since the last two games are on the road, the Steelers will lose both games and end any hope of the playoffs." - Eric C Hassel (9-8)

"The Steelers come out of the bye with some juice going 4-2 in their next 6 games. After a questionable start to the season, Pittsburgh’s offense figures out an identity (albeit not the greatest) and plays good enough to finish second place in the AFC North." - Dawson King (10-7)

"Their schedule gets easier from here on out. However, I have doubts about how good this team is currently. Unless the offense improves drastically every game might be a close call and that’s just too hard to sustain." - Blaze (10-7)