Steelers find a way to survive in NFL Week 3 Picks and Predictions for each game

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers / Gaelen Morse/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills (1-1) vs Washington Commanders (2-0), Sunday at 1 P.M. EST

Prediction: Bills 29, Commanders 23

Buffalo destroyed the Raiders last week as their offense seemed to be clicking on all cylinders again. Josh Allen has been streaky at some point in his career and the Commanders have been playing good football heading into this one. Expect the Bills to have some odd moments in this one that keep the game close for most of the contest.

Carolina Panthers (0-2) vs Seattle Seahawks (1-1), Sunday at 4:05 P.M. EST

Prediction: Seahawks 23, Panthers 15

Carolina is in a heap of trouble, and it seems like they will struggle to find wins this season. The Seahawks are coming off a gutsy win in Detroit that saw their offense get back on track. Expect another tough game that sees the score closer at times than many experts are predicting. The Panthers are going to be behind the eight-ball for most of the year.

Dallas Cowboys (2-0) vs Arizona Cardinals (0-2), Sunday at 4:25 P.M. EST

Prediction: Cowboys 33, Cardinals 21

The Cowboys are on a roll right now and it seems like no one can beat them. They have not played any top talent yet and that will continue this week. Josh Dobbs has done a decent job starting for the Cardinals, but he won't be able to sustain that success. It won't be another blow out this week for Dallas as they might show some struggles, but another big differential win in their favor will happen again.

Chicago Bears (0-2) vs Kansas City Chiefs (1-1), Sunday at 4:25 P.M. EST

Prediction: Chiefs 37, Bears 20

The Bears are in deep trouble, and it seems like Justin Fields' days are numbers in Chicago. There seems to be a lot of distrust and restlessness in that team. Kansas City is on the opposite side of the coin and will pounce on the failed Bears. This is not going to be a close game and Chicago will score a late touchdown when the Chiefs are resting their starters.