Steelers free agent grades: Results are even uglier at the midseason mark

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Steelers grade for Nate Herbig

Grade: D

Four million a season for a backup guard seemed like a lot at the time. There was some initial hope that he could contend to start, but Seumalo was quick to clear that idea up. Even then, Nate Herbig was supposed to be this talented depth piece that could keep the interior together in case of an injury.

That hasn’t really been the case so far. While Herbig has been listed as depth at all three interior spots, he has only had the chance to play right guard so far this season. In those limited snaps, he hasn’t looked that good, and his pass-protecting in particular has been disappointing. With the interior healthy again, Herbig has been sent back to the bench.

What has been even more disappointing is his lack of ability as a center. While the plan was for Mason Cole to once again be the starter there, he hasn’t played particularly well. As a highly-paid backup, you would like Herbig to at least be able to push Cole. Instead, there hasn’t been any interior competition, as Herbig's play when called upon doesn’t warrant that.

While not a huge deterrent, I will once again point out that Dotson looks like a star in Los Angeles right now. He would also have been a cheaper backup to boot. Herbig really hasn’t provided much, and when he has been called upon, his play has been lackluster. It is hard to be thrilled with this move as of now.