Steelers free agent grades: Results are even uglier at the midseason mark

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Steelers grade for Cole Holcomb

Grade: B-

Unfortunately, this grade will likely have to remain this way for the rest of the year, as Cole Holcomb is likely to be lost for the remainder of the season following a freak injury. While some have attributed this to him being “injury-prone”, getting kicked in the leg on a play by your teammate and seemingly snapping your leg isn’t something you can avoid easily.

On the bright side, this looked like a good addition to the team before the injury, as Holcomb was a steady presence on defense. Perhaps it was due to the lackluster play at the position before, but Holcomb was a breath of fresh air. He communicated well and played the run efficiently. Not a great coverage option, he at least held his own.

Like Roberts, Holcomb does get slightly dinged due to his contract, as I believe he is overpaid. T.J. Edwards received a similar contract from the Bears and has been a force once again. That said, this isn’t the end of the world, and having a stable linebacker is worth the slight overpay.

Holcomb was a better-than-expected addition to this roster before his injury. While he may be slightly expensive given his talent, he has been a stabilizing force in the linebacker room. It will be nice to have a consistent and stable face there even if he is recovering from an injury for the rest of this year.