Steelers are given mediocre grades for most of their free agent signings

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7)
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Steelers grade for signing Cole Holcomb

Contract: 3 years, 18 million dollars, 4.92 million dollar signing bonus

Grade: C+

Another deal that I am trying to like, Cole Holcomb should be an upgrade to this linebacker room. He can play the run, hold his own in coverage, and can blitz the quarterback. He is a fine athlete and communicator, meaning that he can play every down for this defense. Considering how poor the Steelers linebackers have been, Holcomb should be a welcome addition.

My main issue is the contract. Six million a season isn’t a bad contract for a starter, but the linebacker market was rather cheap this off-season. Some of the top names went for far less than what they were expected to. Add in the fact that Holcomb is coming off a foot injury, and this deal seems like an overpay in this market.

I would have preferred the team to sign T.J. Edwards (who is earning just 500 thousand more a season) or Kyzir White, as both are better players than Holcomb and signed similar deals. The best aspect of this deal is the small signing bonus, as it makes this deal easy to get out of. That said, I think there were better fits at a similar price.