Steelers are given mediocre grades for most of their free agent signings

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7)
Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7) / Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers grade for signing Isaac Seumalo

Contract: 3 years, 24 million dollars, 6.95 million dollar signing bonus

Grade: A

This is the easiest contract to grade for the Steelers. While I do think the focus has been too heavy on the interior of the line (see the Herbig grade), Isaac Seumalo is a bonafide star. It took him a few seasons to develop, but Seumalo finally put everything together with the Eagles last season.

Though he is a little bit older at 29, interior linemen can play at an older age. Many considered Seumalo the best interior lineman in free agency, yet the Steelers signed him for eight million a season. For someone that can come in and provide the team with another bruising interior lineman.

If you wanted to find a fault with this deal, you could argue that the Steelers should have targeted Nate Davis instead, as he is younger and has a higher ceiling as a player to this point. He only signed for 10 million a season, but his contract is far less team friendly. The fact that is my only complaint is a good thing, as this deal for Seumalo is a good one overall.