Steelers have caught their fans attention with recent free agent frenzy

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An old friend comes back to be the black and gold's third stringer

For those that might have missed it somehow, Mason Rudolph is back with the Steelers for another season. He just re-signed with the club after looking at other outside options in free agency. It was a long process for him that seemed to have little to no options available for his services. Pittsburgh should be happy with him being their third-string quarterback this season.

A team could do much worse than Rudolph as their second option, let alone their third choice. He comes back to the team with an understanding that he will be the third guy, which is unlike last year. He was told that he would get a real shot at being the number one guy to start the year, but the writing was on the wall for the opposite to happen.

He will be the third quarterback for this group, but that is a big upgrade over the choices the team had a couple of days ago. Rudolph is a better signal caller than either Tanner Morgan or Bryce Perkins, who they tried out at rookie minicamp. The newly re-signed quarterback has a lot more experience in this league and should boost that position group.

Bringing back the same quarterback room as last year is somewhat shocking with how the season ended. Kenny Pickett is the guy moving forward, but Mitch Trubisky is somewhat shocking to see come back. He mentioned some issues he had with his role after the 2022 campaign ended. Rudolph was outspoken about his issues as a third guy, but Pittsburgh is a good place to be.