Steelers have to hire this stacked offensive coaching staff this offseason

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Steelers go with a young and experienced offensive mind as offensive coordinator

Steelers hire: Klint Kubiak, Offensive coordinator

No matter how you slice it, the Steelers have to get their offensive coordinator hire right for the first time in decades. They continuously hire from within and with rumors of massive change this offseason, it seems like they might hire the best candidate possible. It is hard to not get your hopes up about different possibilities, but Pittsburgh hires a guy with NFL roots here.

Tomlin loves football families and that is what leads him to hire Klint Kubiak, who is the son of former NFL Head coach Garry Kubiak. He is currently the passing game coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, who are one of the best offenses in football. The Steelers need new and innovative minds and Kubiak should be able to do better as offensive coordinator this time around.

He was the coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings in 2021 and then was let go. He has been working closely with Kyle Shanahan this season and should be able to transfer over some of the brilliance from his mind into his new job. This is one of the favorites to land the job in Pittsburgh if the organization decides to go outside the norm and hire someone from the outside.

With this type of offensive coaching staff in place, someone like Kubiak should be able to push this offense into a new stratosphere. The Steelers have to do things differently this time around and hopefully, Tomlin can get the resources he needs this offseason. Kubiak would be a great hire and someone who could help this offense buzz.

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