Steelers insane quarterback carousel between the Bradshaw and Roethlisberger eras

Super Bowl XIII - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys - January 21, 1979
Super Bowl XIII - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys - January 21, 1979 / Ross Lewis/GettyImages
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Cliff Stoudt becomes a steady force for the Steelers with Bradshaw out

Although Bradshaw was still with the team in 1983 and didn't retire until the summer of 1984, his career was over. His elbow issue was never fixed with surgery and that caused him to call it a career. We will include the 1983 season as it marked the beginning of the era between the Bradshaw and Roethlisberger runs.

Cliff Stoudt jumped into the starting role that season once Bradshaw was forced out of the lineup. He was with the team for three years to that point and was finally thrust into a starting spot even though some didn't know for how long. He would actually have an alright year with the Steelers as they went on to go 9-6 with him as the starter.

Most of the team's success that season came from the defensive side of the ball. They carried the team and Stoudt was not a quality starter for the club. He would throw nearly double the interceptions compared to his touchdowns that year. That would be his only season with Pittsburgh that saw him get nearly a season full of starts.

Despite his lackluster year, the club would win their division and make the playoffs. They started off hot and slowed down towards the end of the schedule. The black and gold would lose in their first playoff game that season against the LA Raiders. Stoudt did alright in 1983, but it showed how much of a steep decline it was from Bradshaw to him.