Steelers legends who would be on their Mount Rushmore just in time for the 4th of July

Steelers, Mount Rushmore
Steelers, Mount Rushmore / Scott Olson/GettyImages
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We have reached the big holiday for the USA of the Fourth of July, as the country was founded. There are plenty of things that scream America when this day rolls around no matter if it's watching fireworks go off or eating some fresh food off the barbeque. It is always a fun time with family and friends that gather to celebrate with one another.

There are not too many things that match up to being as American as Mount Rushmore. The four presidents all represent different times for the country, and it had some thinking about what it would be like if the Steelers had their own iteration. Four heads carved into a side of a mountain in Pittsburgh would be something special to see for this city.

Jack Lambert had the iconic look the exemplified the Steelers defense

Not too many physically look like a Pittsburgh Steelers player to a tee, but there were some that did that well. Jack Lambert was a fantastic player for the club during their dynasty in the 70s and had the look that struck fear into the enemy. He lived, breathed, and practiced what it was to be a member of the black and gold until he retired.

Trying to pick some players to represent this organization throughout its history was a tall task to overcome. Lambert just had an iconic look to him that only made their Steel Curtain defense that much more iconic. He was a tough guy that was afraid of no one and would do all he could to keep his club held to a higher standard than the team they faced.