Steelers legends who would be on their Mount Rushmore just in time for the 4th of July

Steelers, Mount Rushmore
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No one represented what it meant to be a Pittsburgh Steeler like "Mean" Joe Greene

Despite Noll being a talented coach for the Steelers, nothing truly changed until the players did. Altering the thought process in that locker room was the true issue that had to change for Pittsburgh's football club to turn things around. That is where players need to be drafted and developed properly to become leaders to change the culture of a team.

Everything changed for the black and gold in 1969 when they selected "Mean" Joe Greene out of North Texas. Plenty of scrutiny surrounded the club the day after the pick was announced by the club. Many never heard of Greene coming out of college, but Noll and company were smart and listened to their gut. Greene would become the most iconic player in franchise history.

One word that comes to mind when you watched Greene play is tenacious. He was a villain on the field and was not afraid to get into the pile of dust on a routine basis. He would fight, claw, and kick his way to disrupt plays for the opposing offense. He was a special player, but what he gave to this team besides his on-the-field presence was also special.

There might not be a more suitable leader for the Steelers throughout their history as a franchise. He was consistently holding different players accountable and keeping them entrenched in the traditions of this organization. The standard that Mike Tomlin always talks about was started by Greene and what he created in the locker room.