Steelers make some controversial decisions in latest 2024 mock offseason

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There is plenty to do this offseason for Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan. This should kick off a couple of months of news breaking out of Pittsburgh regarding their football team. They need to fix their cap situation and try to find ways to sign potential free agents. Their roster will have many differences and it seems like they could make a ton of moves if they follow this mock offseason.

According to Spotrac's website, the Steelers currently have a little under 30 million in the negative in terms of cap space. They will need to find different ways to get under the cap ceiling and potentially more if they wish to open some spending cash for free agency and sign their draft class. It is possible and this mock offseason proves that.

Pittsburgh decides to make several contract restructures before free agency

First up on the restructure list is T.J. Watt. He would save the Steelers over eleven and a half million bucks for their cap. That is a significant chunk of cap space that it opens. That makes up for over a third of the cap issues that Pittsburgh is trying to disintegrate. Watt signs the contract restructure as he hopes to help the team build with pieces around him.

Next up is the obvious choice here as the Steelers ask Cam Heyward to extend his contract to lessen his cap hit. The guy bleeds black and gold so he accepts. It turns out to lessen Heyward's cap hit by seven and a half million against the cap and adds three void years in the deal. This way he gets his money and can complete his career with the Steelers.

Now sitting at roughly ten million over the cap, the black and gold turn towards one of their playmakers on offense to help out. They get Diontae Johnson to accept a contract restructure to give them a smidge under nine million in cap space. That now leaves the Steelers in the red, but barely. They only need to clear out another million and some change to get under the cap ceiling.

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