Steelers make some noise in AFC North team-by-team 2023 season prediction

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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. 4. Cleveland Browns. Overall Record (9-8). Division record (2-4). 53. . . .

Cleveland improves from last season but cannot win big divisional games

Cleveland again finishes at the bottom of the division, but they do have some talent that will keep them competitive. They improve from last season and finish with two more wins than they had last time around. There are a chunk of question marks on this roster and the big glaring one will be at quarterback until it is answered.

Deshaun Watson will be back for a full season after he missed most of last year with a lofty suspension. Expect him to be better this year, but he will cough up the ball a lot to these impressive defenses. Cleveland does not have the toughest schedule in football this year and that should help them stay in the playoff race for a while.

The Browns sit at a record of (4-4) after week nine of the season. Their most notable win during the first half of their schedule is week one against the Bengals where they pull off the upset. Joe Burrow might be a little rusty with the amount of time he missed during the preseason. Overall, a decent start to the year for the Browns that gives them a fighter's chance entering the latter half of the season.

Cleveland does go on to finish the second half of their schedule (5-4). That is a winning record, but not good enough to get out of the basement in this tough division. They were able to pull off some upsets, including against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Watson will be their difference maker either in a good way or bad way depending on whether he can return to pre-suspension form or not.