Steelers OC Matt Canada promoted to a 'more prominent' role for some reason

The Steelers are promoting Matt Canada....

Steelers, Matt Canada
Steelers, Matt Canada / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly set to promote much-maligned offensive coordinator Matt Canada to a "more prominent" role, per NFL insider Jordan Schultz.

Schultz is reporting that Canada, who has received significant backlash from the Steelers' fan base in recent weeks, will be working closer with quarterback Kenny Pickett in his new role. This doesn't affect his current role, either.

Canada will continue to call plays, and the Steelers reportedly believe this will "make a big difference" in the team's offensive output — an offense that currently ranks 31st in the NFL in yards allowed under Canada's watch.

Schultz is also reporting that we can expect to see wide receiver George Pickens and running back Jaylen Warren take on larger roles in the offense moving forward. The Steelers are making some tweaks to their offense, but they're not the changes most anticipated or desired.

The Steelers have promoted Matt Canada instead of firing him

Canada was hired by the Steelers as their quarterbacks coach ahead of the 2020 season and promoted to his current role of offensive coordinator the following year.

In three seasons under Canada, the Steelers' offense has ranked 21st, 26th, and 26th (through two games in 2023) in scoring. They haven't finished higher than 23rd in total offensive yards.

Pittsburgh's offensive struggles have been largely blamed on Canada, whose questionable playcalling has drawn the ire of Steelers fans. There were loud chants from fans to "Fire Canada" at the team's last game against the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football.

It's hard to blame them, either. The Steelers have averaged just 9.5 offensive points per game through the first two weeks of the season. This is a coach who many believed shouldn't have retained his job after last year.

Now, not only is Canada back overseeing a putrid offense again in 2023, but he's been given a promotion. The Steelers clearly believe in their offensive coordinator, but belief can only get you so far.

The results haven't been there. This is a puzzling decision by the Steelers — one that won't go over well with the fan base.

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