Steelers Mike Tomlin will become the top star of AFC North Hard Knocks

The Steelers will be sharing the Hard Knocks spotlight with the AFC North, but here's why Mike Tomlin will become the star of the hit HBO show.
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

Hard Knocks will be covering the AFC North during their in-season portion of the series, which will include the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some might be excited to look behind the curtain while others could find this announcement annoying. The Steelers have come under fire over the past decade or so with the numerous distractions that have littered their team. Either from individual players, incidents, or as a whole. Hard Knocks could prove to be another distraction.

No matter if you love or hate the idea of the Steelers being on a show, it should provide for some entertaining television.

Hard Knocks with the Steelers will make Mike Tomlin a bigger star

Mike Tomlin probably hates the idea of cameras being around the building. Add in the fact that he might be forced to be an active participant, and things only make matters worse for the Head coach. The highly debated Pittsburgh figure has seen a ton of scrutiny over the past seven years since he has not been able to win a playoff game.

One thing is for sure, Tomlin should become an instant star on this show.

It is going to be hard for the Hard Knocks people to work with Tomlin most likely as he tries to keep everything in-house. This will give the fans an idea as to why players and national media speak so highly about the long-time Steelers coach. Going behind the scenes to witness the preparation the team goes through each week could create a more understanding environment.

When you hear players talk about Tomlin, they always speak about his leadership and the connection that he can make with the guys. It is something that is preached often, but fans have always wondered if that approach will ever get the Steelers back to Super Bowl glory once again.

Tomlin sure believes in his methods, and that has led to him having no losing seasons throughout his tenure in Pittsburgh.

Hard Knocks should give those in Pittsburgh a chance to see what Tomlin is like interacting with his players, coaches, and the media. Everyone has only seen him answer questions from reporters, but it will be interesting if the team at Hard Knocks can get some personality behind him on the show. If so, maybe some Tomlin doubters could begin to understand his contract extension.

Love or hate the idea of the Steelers on Hard Knocks this season, it should make for some quality content each week.

Tomlin should outshine everyone, but there are so many factors as to why Pittsburgh will be a great team to focus on. They have a quarterback situation that could be listed as unstable. They have a lot of personalities in the locker room and star power. There are a ton of things working in the Steeler's favor to become instant hits this season.

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