Steelers Minkah Fitzpatrick hosed in NFL player ratings on Madden 24

  • Minkah isn't the top safety on Madden 24
  • His underwhelming rating is hard to justify

Pittsburgh Steelers, Minkah Fitzpatrick
Pittsburgh Steelers, Minkah Fitzpatrick / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

I don't know what it is exactly, but it seems like Madden has something against Minkah Fitzpatrick. Last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers star had an 89 overall rating. This ranked 5th among all NFL safeties, but considering his reputation as a multi-time All-Pro player, fans weren't satisfied.

This week, Madden is slow-releasing their player ratings for their upcoming video game, Madden 24. On Monday, they started with wide receivers and safeties. Sadly, Steelers fans aren't going to be pleased with what they decided.

While Minkah's overall rating did jump from the previous year, his new 93 rating still seems underwhelming when considering what he was able to accomplish in 2022. Fitzpatrick isn't the highest-rated safety in the game either. That honor belongs to a fellow first-round selection from the 2018 NFL Draft, Derwin James.

Despite playing in 14 games last season and recording 2 interceptions, James earned the top overall grade among safeties on Madden 24 with 95 overall -- two points higher than Fitzpatrick. James is an outstanding player in his own right who is routinely around the football, but Steelers fans have a right to be upset here.

Steelers fans have a reason to be upset over Fitzpatrick's Madden rating

I know that Madden ratings have no implication on what actually happens on the field, but they can still be irritating. Just when it seemed like Minkah Fitzpatrick was pulling away from the field as the consensus best safety in the NFL, Madden tries to raise this controversy all over again.

Despite playing much of the 2022 season without a competent pass rush as T.J. Watt was sidelined with a pectoral injury, Fitzpatrick commanded the defense and made as many plays as ever -- recording a league-leading 6 interceptions and taking one back to the house while getting his hands on 11 total passes.

Minkah was awarded for his efforts with his third First-Team All-Pro honors in 2022. He now has 19 career picks since entering the league in 2018. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Derwin James has just 7 career picks in the same time frame -- 2 of which came in 2022. Furthermore, the versatile safety has recorded just 4 interceptions over the past 4 years.

Whether it's a list of safety rankings or Madden player ratings, Minkah Fitzpatrick deserves to be at the top of the list, and most fans know this. It's a little bit frustrating that he still hasn't been given the respect he deserves despite being on a Hall of Fame pace. Maybe Madden will finally get his rating right next summer.