Steelers Mock Draft 2023: Pittsburgh fills their biggest team needs

Steelers, Devon Witherspoon
Steelers, Devon Witherspoon / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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This is not the Draft I would’ve had but the Steelers have forced my hand. They’ve so stacked the deck for a cornerback in the 1st Round and it’s impossible to ignore. Pittsburgh reinforced the offensive line enough with guard, Isaac Seumalo. While a priority, it’s not as desperate a one as before. Going into the season with inside linebackers, Elandon Roberts and Cole Holcomb may have knocked Jack Campbell off my board (cry, sniff, sniff).

The Steelers let Cameron Sutton walk after having put him in their Cornerback Incubator for two years and developing him from a chick. That one is a head-scratcher and I’m guessing Cam isn’t gonna dig Detroit. Then they brought in perennial Pro Bowl CB, Patrick Peterson on a team-friendly deal to play out his final seasons. Seems like they might want him here to mentor someone, doesn’t it?

This last move leads me to believe almost beyond a shadow of a doubt that they plan to use their 1st Round pick to select a player I wouldn’t take until the 3rd. That player is Joey Porter Jr. I’ve watched all the videos I can get my eyeballs on Porter and I don’t like what I see. He is way, way, too grabby.

The reason he’s grabby is he is a full beat too slow in his read-and-react times. That also means his recovery time is also slow. He has to grab or his guy is going to get by him. The grabbing can be coached out of him. Read, react and recovery times can only be incrementally helped with coaching. It’s something a player either has or he doesn’t. Joey Porter Sr. had it in spades. Joey Porter Jr. does not. In short, I think the kid’s a bust.

The final thing before we launch into the Draft. As good as Colbert was he’d drive me crazy by signing a high-level free agent and then drafting the same position in an upper round. It defeats the purpose of free agency. You sign players so you can concentrate your draft on other weaker positions. I’m hoping Khan doesn’t make that same mistake.

New General Manager, Omar Kahn has been very busy. He’s blown up my mock draft a few times over. So, here’s what I’ve got. On to the Draft!