Steelers mock draft: A final look at what Pittsburgh could do in the NFL Draft

Minnesota Center John Michael Schmitz
Minnesota Center John Michael Schmitz / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports
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The NFL draft is upon us, and like Babe Ruth, I’m calling my shot. 2023 mock drafts are soon to be obsolete, so I wanted to take one last stab before the draft gets underway. Specifically with this version, I wanted to try and do my best to nail the Steelers picks.

This isn’t what I would necessarily do, but is instead my best guess as to what I think this team will try and do once the draft officially opens. I’m considering who they have shown interest in during the draft process as well as the needs the team seems to be targeting.

While I do think there is a good chance that the Steelers move around quite a bit on draft day, I am not going to project any trades in this mock. I will provide a few extra names in an “others considered” section, as I want to provide everyone with my opinions as to who this team is trying to get on draft day. With all of that said, here is my final attempt at a Steelers mock draft.

Steelers mock draft round 1: OT Broderick Jones, Georgia

While the general consensus is that the Steelers want to land either a tackle or cornerback with their top pick, I have a sneaky feeling that tackle is the true target. This team has done its due diligence on all of the top tackles but has seemingly looked into more of a variety of cornerbacks.

Three tackles make sense for pick 17, and I ultimately landed on Broderick Jones as the top selection for the Steelers. Jones is an athletic specimen that has the look of a franchise left tackle. He lacks experience, but in turn that gives him an edge as a developmental player. The team has been all over him in the pre-draft process, and I think they would be thrilled with him at pick 17.

Paris Johnson is the best overall tackle, but I find it hard to believe that he will be there given that status. Darnell Wright is also an option, but Jones has a much higher ceiling and seems like a more natural left tackle. Jones is at risk of going earlier, but if he is on the board, he seems like a likely pick.

Others Considered: OT Darnell Wright, CB Joey Porter Jr., DB Brian Branch