Steelers mock draft: A final look at what Pittsburgh could do in the NFL Draft

Minnesota Center John Michael Schmitz
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Steelers mock draft round 4: Brodric Martin, NT, Western Kentucky

Heading into the fourth round, the team will likely (and should) be less focused on needs and instead should be looking for the best values. Happily, they may be able to do both here, as they require a top nose tackle and can get one that could be a strong player in their defense.

Broderic Martin is quite the prospect. For those of you that liked Jordan Davis last year, you should love the idea of Martin. He is built in a similar mold as Davis, being just a massive human being with great length. He lacks the pro-readiness that Davis had, but he has the makings of a strong nose tackle if developed.

He is still very raw as a prospect that was dominant at times but also disappeared against middling competition. He has rare size but doesn’t always use it well, as he needs to play lower. He lacks a defined pass rush plan, but he has the ability to develop one in time. Karl Dunbar also was at his pro day, so there is some clear interest there.

Martin will need some time, but his raw strength can get him on the field early if he beats out the lackluster options on the roster. In time, if he develops properly, he can become a strong addition to this line. He will need a lot of work, but Martin could become an early steal for this team as a good nose tackle.

Others considered: S Anthony Johnson, WR Xavier Hutchinson, LB Dorian Williams