Steelers Mock Draft: Free agency directly impacts Pittsburgh's 2024 draft strategy

The Steelers plans in Free Agency have changed their plans in the upcoming NFL Draft

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Steelers mock draft round 4: Tykee Smith, DB, Georgia

Another Georgia Bulldog enters the fold here as the Steelers finish their back-to-back picks in the fourth round. Again, we know the Steelers have a ton of top decision-makers present at the Georgia Pro Day. Mims and Van Pran-Granger will get most of the attention but don't discount the fact that Teryl Austin is in attendance.

The defensive coordinator will be looking at the different defensive backs that are coming out of the Bulldog's program. Tykee Smith is getting a ton of interest from the Steelers heading into the NFL Draft. He has spoken directly to Mike Tomlin countless times both at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. Now he has Tomlin and company watching him at his Pro Day. That's usually a positive when the Steelers take players in the draft.

Smith is someone who can fill a couple of different needs for Pittsburgh. He is technically a safety, but he played a variety of roles in college. He has played safety, linebacker, and slot corner during his time at West Virginia and Georgia. With Jackson being traded to the black and gold in the Johnson deal, outside corner seems to be a lesser need.

They still need someone who can play quality snaps in the slot on defense, unless they sign someone in free agency. Smith at this point in the draft is quality value. He can wear many hats and both Tomlin and Austin will like that about his game. Smith can deploy across the field and allow for the defense to have some unique looks next season.

Others Considered: Max Melton (CB), DeWayne Carter (DT), Cam Hart (CB)