Steelers Mock Draft: Free agency directly impacts Pittsburgh's 2024 draft strategy

The Steelers plans in Free Agency have changed their plans in the upcoming NFL Draft

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Steelers mock draft round 6: Tyler Owens, S, Texas Tech

Still, no starting safety was announced in free agency. You should see that change if it hasn't already by the time this article goes up. The free agency class at safety is much stronger than the draft class this year. There are still some interesting names out there from star power to quality starting options. Pittsburgh can still make some noise in free agency.

If they sign a starter then it is unlikely that they would double-dip at the position like in this draft. But as mentioned earlier, Smith is a versatile defensive back and not just a safety option. Miles Killebrew is currently a free agent, and no one knows yet if he will return. Adding another late-round safety might be the best-case scenario in this mock draft.

Tyler Owens is the final pick in this mock draft as he can also play a couple of different roles on defense. He is more slated as a physical guy who can play close to the line and stick in the slot. He is a big safety who has proven himself as a quality athlete. He did not have the best career in college, but he made an impact when he had a chance.

He started off his college career at Texas where he saw little playing time. He eventually transferred to Texas Tech where he did not see significant playing time until this past season. Owens can play multiple roles on defense, and that will only give the Steelers more options between him and Smith. A good depth piece that can contribute to special teams.

Others Considered: Kimani Vidal (RB), Nehemiah Pritchett (CB), Tarheeb Still (CB)

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