Steelers Mock Draft: Going all in on offense for Justin Fields and Russell Wilson

LSU Tigers wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. (11)
LSU Tigers wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. (11) / Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports
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It has been one of the most hectic starts to free agency in recent memory for the Steelers. A slew of trades and a few surprise free-agent signings have really left this team in flux. I put out a mock draft before all of the fun began, and boy oh boy have things changed.

With the flurry of additions and subtractions to this roster, I wanted to try my hand at another mock draft as free agency slows down and the focus shifts back to the draft. This team has a lot of needs, and while another free agent or two will be brought in, the draft will be pivotal in acquiring what this team needs. Here is my updated mock draft a week into the offseason.

Brian Thomas. . . Brian Thomas. 529. Brian Thomas. 1. WR. LSU. player

Steelers mock draft round 1: Brian Thomas, WR, LSU

It almost seems sacrilegious to take a receiver in the first round. The entire offseason has been dedicated to completing the offensive line rebuild, so taking a receiver in the first seems counter-intuitive. That said, following the Diontae Johnson trade, a receiver is arguably the biggest need for this team along with a center.

Brian Thomas fits all of the boxes that you could want in a receiver. He has great size and impressive athleticism. All of that was on display at LSU. Thomas was one of the premier deep threats in college, with the ability to separate well on deep routes and the ability after the catch to make a big play.

He needs to develop a better route tree (as most college receivers do), but the sky is the limit for Thomas. He can make an instant impact as a deep threat in the Z while allowing George Pickens to shift more into the X role. This gives the team at least two viable receivers and the potential for a superstar tandem in the future.