Steelers Mock Draft: Going all in on offense for Justin Fields and Russell Wilson

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469. Zach Frazier. . Zach Frazier. player. Zach Frazier. . C. West Virginia. 2

Steelers mock draft round 2: Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia

I’m getting a little sick of the contingent of fans saying that all of the centers are going to go extremely early in this draft. There are two top names with Zach Frazier coming in as the distant third. He has had some first-round buzz, but based on the historical track record of how centers are drafted (I’ll be looking into that soon), I really don’t buy it.

I think Frazier will be available somewhere in round two, and if the Steelers have their choice, he may be their preferred option in the second round. While he lacks the top-end athleticism that some of the names have, he has a consistent mean streak to his game and he acts as a mauler when in the trenches.

There is some work that will need to be done in the pros. He needs to add some bulk and get stronger at the point of attack. His play also doesn’t pop off the tape. To me, he screams a steady presence who may not garner a lot of accolades, but he can man down his spot on a line for 8-10 seasons.

He hasn’t been able to test due to some lingering injuries, so that should further help his cause as a potential second-round candidate. The Steelers haven’t added a center yet this offseason, and while they could (and really should) find a depth option, Frazier can be the guy from the moment he is drafted.