Steelers Mock Draft: Going all in on offense for Justin Fields and Russell Wilson

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Steelers mock draft round 3: Patrick Paul, OT, Houston

If I had my way, the Steelers would be set to take one of the ample top tackles in this class in the first round. Offensive tackle is arguably the most important offensive position sans quarterback, and this class is as top-heavy as any ever. There is a real shot at a blue-chip prospect being there at pick 20.

Given the current state of this team though, other needs took higher presidence, but I’m not leaving day two without at least a developmental player. And who better than Patrick Paul? While not as refined as some of the top names, he has the rare size that the Steelers covet in linemen, making him a perfect fit for their room.

Despite his tremendous size, he is actually a far more efficient pass blocker than run blocker to this point. He uses his insane length to make first contact and write pass rushers out of the play. Blocking on the run is a different story, as he loses leverage and can get pushed back into the pocket. He needs strength and better technique all around before he can be counted on as a franchise player.

That said, he would enter the year as a clear third tackle and likely swing player initially. While he can compete with Dan Moore for a starting spot, I think his first year would be best served on the bench where he can refine his game. If he can put the pieces together though, he could be a viable starting tackle with a huge upside.