Steelers Mock Draft: Going all in on offense for Justin Fields and Russell Wilson

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Steelers mock draft round 6: Joe Milton, QB, Tennessee

Is quarterback still a need at this point? I can’t tell anymore.

In what has been the most surprising moves of the offseason, the Steelers have completely overhauled their quarterback room. Every player from 2023 has either walked, been cut, or been traded, and in their place are Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. It is truly a new-look Steelers team when it comes to the offense.

Do the Steelers need to draft a quarterback? Not necessarily, but both of their current options are on one-year deals (assuming Fields doesn’t have his option picked up), and having a viable backup long-term makes sense. There are a lot of flaws with Joe Milton as a player, but he has some traits that you can’t help but love.

What stands out on tape for Milton, besides his production, is his arm strength. It is very rare to see a player this late in the draft have his type of arm strength, as he can make just about any pass with relative ease. That is a coveted trait for an NFL quarterback.

The issue is everything else. His footwork is poor and his accuracy is horrible. It won’t matter how far Milton can throw a pass if he never hits his targets. Given his age, it isn’t likely that he can develop much more either. If he can get his arm in check, you could have something here. If now, he can at least serve as depth.